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Vitamix Promotion Code

For Free shipping and Free book please enter Vitamix promotion Code : 06-008011

This Vitamix promotion code will save you $35 in Canada and $25 if you live in the US.

In the shopping Cart checkout area of the official Vitamix site there is an area to put a Vitamix Promotion code.

This is the area you put the Vitamix promotion code:  06-008011 to receive the free shipping.


To go to the official Vitamix site just google “Vitamix” or click on this link
This Vitamix promotion code will give you the best discount that is available.   You can search all over the internet looking and hoping for a better Vitamix promotion code but you will not find it.  The best  discount you can find is by using this number 06-008011.  If there is ever a better deal I would have it listed on my site.

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